Mugstock 2016

Mugstock Statistics 2015No, its OK, we haven’t made a typo, we did actually mean to title this article Mugstock 2016!

You see, the organisers of this festival of music and merriment known as Mugstock 2016 have very kindly provided us with not one but two weekend tickets to their event which takes place on another Bank Holiday, 29-31 July 2016. This is a huge prize, each ticket has a face value of £75.

The image to the right shows some of the stats from last year and 2016 is set to be even bigger!

So you can still come to our Memory Fest ’16, which is taking place on this next Bank Holiday Sunday and, if you are lucky whilst you are there you can win these tickets to go to Mugstock 2016 as well!

Even if you don’t win the tickets (and only one person can win) it is seriously worth going to Mugstock for a weekend of great entertainment, check out their ticket prices.

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