Our Logo!

You know when you see something, and that makes you think of something else, similar but tweaked, and kinda like, different …. ?

Well, that’s how I felt when Iain showed me an idea for our Logo that he had mocked up on his phone. I liked it, but it was too ‘busy’ and there were too many colours, and well, it just wasn’t quite what I wanted.

Memory Fest '16 LogoBut it set me thinking, and sketching, and after pulling my hair out a bit, I came up with the design I was happy with. I hope you like it too.

Its overall shape is a plectrum, it shows an outline of someone thinking about and remembering music, there is a classic electric guitar at the bottom and at the top is the forget-me-not symbol, all simple in purple and black outline – to me it sums up what we are trying to do with Memory Fest ’16.

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