Looking For ….

…. Hairy Men!

Hairy Chest RequestYes, you read that correctly, we need three very hairy men that are going to be willing to have a strip torn off (well several actually) at our Memory Fest event at Club Bliss on 1 May 2016.

Do you fit the bill? Do you know someone that would be willing to help us out? Come on, its all in a good cause, its for Chairiteee! We thought we had someone already but Monkey has refused to do it at the last minute!

Hairy Chest or Hairy Back, apparently either one would be suitable for Claire to work on. Claire works at Desiree’s Nails, Tanning, Hair & Beauty and is giving up her time and providing her experience to make sure everything is carried out safely.

Send us a message if you are up for it, first come, first served (unless a really hairy bloke comes along that we could make more money out of!).

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