Silent Auction – Avon Basket

Basket of Avon GoodiesMany thanks to Sam and Carl Wright for donating this fabulous basket of Avon Products to Memory Fest ’16!

Apparently, there’s about £150 worth of products in it and so we will be holding a ‘silent auction’ on the night, haven’t decided on the starting price yet.

I won’t list everything that’s in there, but it does include bubble baths, jewellery, nail stuff, sprays, lipsticks, eye liner, I could go on, but I won’t! Have a look on the evening when you get to the venue and then make an offer during the auction.

Somebody will be able to go home with a terrific prize! Maybe it could be for you, a little bit of pamper time? Perhaps you know someone with a birthday coming up that would appreciate this as a gift? Whatever the reason, let’s hope we get a great outcome for the Charities on the 1 May 2016!

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